Fox News Psychiatrist: Obamacare ‘Absolutely Infantilizes Americans’

Last week, conservatives responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act by issuing flamboyant denunciations of the the justices and the court. Glenn Beck labeled Chief Justice John Roberts a “coward,” a New Hampshire Tea Party leader said he hopes the justices in the majority contract cancer, and prominent GOP-aligned websites claimed that Roberts’ epilepsy medication drove him to endorse the individual requirement.

But Fox News’ resident psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow may win the prize for the most outrageous reaction. In a column posted on and during an interview Monday afternoon on the network, Ablow claimed that the court’s decision will “iInfantilize” Americans:

ABLOW: [T]oday it could be healthcare, tomorrow it could be a hybrid vehicle that you are penalized financially for not buying. It takes control of your behavior in the way that a parent would of a child, and it diminishes us in terms of our autonomy and ability to achieve things even for liberty on the world stage, quite literally.

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): You say it’s making Americans believe that they are weak. How?

ABLOW: It absolutely infantilizes Americans, because listen, even adolescents or younger kids, they dream of the day when they are in charge of their own money…. What it does is deposits us back as children, when economically more than ever we need to be adults.

Watch it:

Ablow went on to argue that requiring people to take personal responsibility for their own health care spending “can make citizens see themselves as serfs who actually have no right at all to the money they earn, and keep it only when it suits the federal government.” “With Egypt in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, with Iran building nuclear weapons and with Europe facing economic calamity, the last thing we need are lessons from Washington in how to be weak individuals,” he warned.