Elizabeth Warren: Health Care Reform ‘Isn’t A Political Issue’

Ahead of the 31st House vote to repeal Obamacare on Wednesday, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) writes in Massachusetts’ MetroWest Daily News that, for those who benefit from provisions of the Affordable Care Act, their health “depends” on the law. “For millions of people this isn’t a political issue, it’s a personal one,” she writes. Warren, who is running against Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) describes the regulations that expand health care access for millions, like allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26. Hundreds of thousands of patients in Massachusetts have benefited from preventive services being available without a co-pay, she writes, but “Republicans want to take that away.” Warren is one of a growing number of Democrats who are campaigning on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act — a sharp break from 2010 when Democrats were reluctant to embrace the law.