Republicans Working To Repeal Obamacare Are Opposing Pro-Life Policies

Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts — where Romney enacted a health care reform initiative that President Obama later drew on as inspiration for his own Obamacare policies — is somewhat of a test case for national health care reform, as researchers examine the impact that increased accessed to insurance has had on the state’s residents. And if Massachusetts is any indication, the Republicans who have already spent 89 hours and $51 million dollars attempting to repeal Obama’s health care law have been concentrating their efforts on rolling back pro-life policies.

A 2010 Harvard study on the first two years of Romneycare’s implementation found that as the numbers of insured residents went up between 2007 and 2009, the numbers of abortions in the state went down. And new data reveals that the abortion rate declined even more sharply after 2009, something the Harvard study couldn’t have predicted at the time:

In a recent interview with the Atlantic, the Harvard specialist who authored the 2010 study said he believes the improved health insurance services under Romneycare led to the continuing decrease in abortion rates after his study’s conclusion. “When women have more stable access to medical care, they’re more likely to see doctors, they’re more likely to have somebody inquiring about their sexual health,” he said. “The fact that you have somebody who cares about you results in people being healthier, and that includes not getting pregnant if they don’t want to be.”

Thanks to Obamacare’s unpopularity among Republicans, Romney doesn’t take credit for first implementing the health care policies that provided the foundation for Obama’s health care law. However, considering the fact that health reform helps prevent abortions — even Romney himself once rightfully described Massachusetts’ health reform as “the ultimate pro-life policy” — he might not want to keep pushing to reverse it.