Anti-Abortion State Rep. Has ‘Never Thought About’ Why A Woman Would Want An Abortion

State Rep. Jim Buchy (R-OH)

Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) outrageous comment that “legitimate rape” doesn’t often result in pregnancy is just one prominent example of radical anti-choice politicians’ lack of awareness about real issues that confront women. State Rep. Jim Buchy (R-OH) is just the latest anti-abortion lawmaker to reveal his inability to understand what’s at stake in the fight for women’s reproductive freedom.

After an Al Jazeera reporter asked Buchy why he thinks some women may want to have an abortion, he fumbled for an appropriate response before admitting he had never thought about that question before:

BUCHY: Well, there’s probably a lot of — I’m not a woman so I’m thinking, if I’m a woman, why would I want to get — some of it has to do with economics. A lot has to do with economics. I don’t know, I have never — It’s a question I have never thought about.

Watch it, courtesy of the Rachel Maddow Show:

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The fact that Buchy has never once considered the many reasons why a woman may choose to terminate a pregnancy — because she is a teenager who did not intend to get pregnant, because giving birth could risk her health, because she doesn’t want to carry her rapist’s child, because she is unable to financially or emotionally support a child, or because she is exercising her legal right to determine her own reproductive choices for her body, to name just a few — is problematic in light of his political stance on the issue. Buchy is opposed to all abortions except to preserve the life of the woman, and he has voted to prevent insurance companies from covering abortion services.