World Contraception Day Highlights How Obamacare Is Helping U.S. Women Access Birth Control

Today is World Contraception Day, a global campaign to “enable young people to make informed decisions on sexual and reproductive health.” Every year, 100,000 women’s lives could be saved globally if access to contraception were expanded; unfortunately, more than 200 million women in the world do not have access to birth control.

Millions of women in the U.S. now have access to contraception at no additional cost to them thanks to the Obamacare provision that requires insurers to cover birth control as preventative health care, saving American women thousands of dollars a year. Despite broad public support for the Obamacare regulation, Republicans have consistently attacked it — even though nearly every single woman has used a form of birth control at some point in her life.

ThinkProgress has compiled just a few reasons that access to contraception impacts women, both in the U.S. and on a global scale:

Coinciding with World Contraception Day, world leaders struck a deal to lower the price of some forms of contraception globally, a move that will help expand access to birth control outside of the U.S. in the way that the Obamacare provision does for American women. Access to contraception is an economic issue for women, and these numbers highlight its importance.