Christians Protest Craft Store’s Lawsuit Against Contraception Mandate

A group of Christian pastors are standing in opposition to Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against Obamacare’s birth control mandate, saying the Oklahoma-based craft store chain should not have the right to deny contraception to its tens of thousands of employees. Rev. Lance Schmitz told the Associated Press that he has collected more than 80,000 signatures for a petition opposing Hobby Lobby, but was ordered to leave Hobby Lobby’s property when he tried to deliver them to the company’s headquarters on Thursday. Schmitz will attempt to mail the petitions instead. Hobby Lobby’s conservative Christians owners say that providing their employees with insurance coverage for emergency contraception violates their religious beliefs.


A joint statement from the two campaigns running petitions against Hobby Lobby, Faithful America and UltraViolet, expresses disappointment in Hobby Lobby’s decision to remove Schmitz from their property when he attempted to deliver their petition signatures. “I thought a Christian business would be interested in hearing from a pastor with a petition signed by thousands of people of faith,” Schmitz said in the statement. “I guess Hobby Lobby is more interested in using their faith to score political points than in finding a way to ensure that its female employees get the health care they need.”

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