90 Percent Of Seniors Are Satisfied With Medicare Part D

Healthcare Finance News flagged a survey today by Medicare Today and KRC Research that found roughly six out of ten seniors describe themselves as “very satisfied” with their prescription drug coverage under Medicare. Another three out of ten characterize themselves as “somewhat satisfied,” for a grand total of 90 percent:

Both categories of satisfaction have been on a relatively steady upward climb since the program’s creation in 2006. Those in the “very satisfied” category jumped by a full 9 percentage points, and among those seniors that have actually received medicines, “very satisfied” increased 11 percentage points. Prior to 2010, there was a gap in coverage colloquially referred to as the “donut hole” that forced seniors to pay all out-of-pocket expenses between certain levels of drug costs. Obamacare closed this gap to help seniors save thousands of dollars on their prescription drugs, although the donut hole will be re-opened if the health care reform law is repealed.