Boehner: ‘Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land’

As ABC News reports, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has confirmed that the House GOP will no longer attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. When asked about the future of the health care reform law, Boehner said “the election changes that” and “Obamacare is the law of the land.”

During President Obama’s first term, House Republicans spent over 80 hours and $50 million dollars on more than 30 failed attempts to repeal Obamacare.

Boehner did suggest that some parts of the law — presumably the Independent Payment Advisory Board — could “be on the table as lawmakers work toward a balanced budget.”

The Board, or IPAB, is tasked with making binding recommendations to Congress for lowering health care spending, should Medicare costs exceed a target growth rate. Congress can accept the savings proposal or implement its own ideas through a super majority. Some Democrats have joined Republicans in opposing the provision.


Boehner’s office is softening the Speaker’s comments:

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