Most Americans Support Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate, Even For Religiously Affiliated Groups

Another new survey shows that a majority of Americans agree with an Obamacare mandate that insurance plans should include contraception coverage at no additional cost — even for religiously affiliated organizations, or in cases where an employer says providing coverage for birth control conflicts with their beliefs.

The Lifeway Research poll found that 63 percent of adults say businesses should be required to provide contraception coverage for their employees, while 56 percent say nonprofits like schools and charities should have to. And 53 percent say that Catholic organizations should also have to meet the Obamacare mandate.

In a similar poll in October, 54 percent of Catholics specifically reported they believe religiously affiliated groups should comply with the mandate. Dozens of court challenges have been filed against the contraception mandate. Hobby Lobby in particular is continuing to fight against the requirement that it provide its employees with contraception coverage; the craft chain filed an appeal in November after a federal judge ruled the company must comply with the health care law.