Political Donations From Catholic College Staff Contradict GOP’s Anti-Contraception Push

Employees at Catholic institutions might not be as opposed to President Obama’s contraception laws as Republican politicians seem to think. According to a new report out today from Campus Reform, the faculty and staff at Catholic colleges donated in droves to President Obama’s re-election campaign.

Of the employees who donated to a presidential campaign, 91 percent chose to donate to Obama, with high-dollar donations going hugely for Obama over Mitt Romney. Of the 826 individuals who donated more than $200, only 78 gave that high sum to Romney. There were six Catholic colleges at which not a penny went to Romney.

This information is congruous with what previous evidence has already proven about Catholic voters: They did not buy into Republican arguments that Democrats are eroding religious liberties. But it is notable particularly for the fact that it shows Catholic employees did not feel threatened by Obama’s contraception mandate — the Obamacare requirement that all employers must provide copay free contraception to their employees — despite the drumbeat of arguments all election season that Obama’s health reform law goes against the wishes of Catholic voters.