On 40th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade, Virginia Republican Compares Ruling To Holocaust

State Senator Dick Black (R-VA)

State Senator Dick Black (R-VA)

In a speech on the Virginia Senate floor on Tuesday, Sen. Dick Black (R-VA) blasted the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, comparing the decision to the Holocaust.

Attacking the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that gave women the right to safe and legal abortions if they so choose, Black told his colleagues:

BLACK: When I hear discussions about this, I hear very mild comments about choice and reproductive rights and things of this sort. But I recall back to the days of Nazi Germany, there was a place called Auschwitz. And over the gates of Auschwitz was a sign, and the sign said “arbeit macht frei,” which means roughly “your labors will make you free.” People who went behind those doors never returned. Their labors didn’t make them free. And I’m reminded that we refer to our clinics as “women’s health clinics” and we talk about women’s reproductive rights and so forth. And somehow in all of our discussion, we forget the fact that in each of these decisions lies the life of a little boy or a little girl. You know it’s quite easy –and from where we look back on history, we say “Why didn’t the Germans do something? Why didn’t they rise up? Why didn’t they take action?” But they were helpless before their government just as we are helpless before our government. And beyond that, the things that were taking place, the horrors that took place were taking place behind closed doors,

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Black, who as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates passed out plastic fetuses to colleagues before an abortion vote, has been among the state’s strongest opponents of a woman’s right to choose. Over the years, he has sought to ban abortion in all cases, called emergency contraception “baby pesticides,” and opposed making contraception accessible.