Michele Bachmann: God Will Repeal Obamacare

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) this week said that prayers to God will ensure Obamacare’s repeal, after 37 House of Representatives attempts to do so.

“I think the President will ultimately be forced to repudiate his own signature piece of legislation because the American people will demand it,” she told an evangelical radio host Tuesday. “And I think before his second term is over, we’re going to see a miracle before our eyes, I believe God is going to answer our prayers and we’ll be freed from the yoke of Obamacare.”

She added, “I believe that’s going to happen and we saw step one last week with the repeal of Obamacare in the House. We have two more steps. We serve a mighty God and I believe it can happen.”

But this was not really “step one” for the House. At this point, House Republicans have devoted 43 out of 281 days in session to symbolic votes against Obamacare. In the last Congress, they devoted 15 percent of their time, or $50 million dollars, to a signed law that is already largely being carried out. Even top Republican leaders and Republican governors have admitted they lost their battle against Obamacare, though they vow to continue to hold symbolic votes on the matter.

Meanwhile, Bachmann has also accused Obamacare of “literally” killing people and tied it to news that the IRS was inappropriately targeting conservative groups.

(HT: Raw Story)