Walgreens And Blue Cross Team Up To Teach Americans About Obamacare

Screenshot from new Walgreens/Blue Cross website

With less than three months remaining until the Affordable Care Act’s new health care exchanges launch, Walgreens is joining with health care association Blue Cross Blue Shield to educate Americans about the law.

The partnership launched a new website Wednesday explaining details and answering questions about how Obamacare will affect Americans. Walgreens will also distribute brochures with similar information at their stores around the country.

Educating the public about what will happen as Obamacare is implemented remains crucial, particularly given continued confusion about what the law will do amid Republican attempts to obstruct its implementation. GOP lawmakers have been harshly critical of recent attempts to conduct public outreach campaigns related to the health law. On the other hand, Koch Brothers-funded group Americans for Prosperity launched a new ad campaign this week that includes misleading information about the law’s provisions.

Similar private sector education campaigns were used when President George W. Bush’s Medicare Part D plan launched in 2006. Blue Cross’ involvement is a sign that the health care industry is ramping up its education efforts, following a poll last week that revealed half of all Americans have not yet heard anything about the law from their doctors.

In April, Walgreens, the nation’s largest pharmacy chain, became the first chain retailer to offer primary care services, another positive step in reducing health care costs.

Joseph Diebold is an intern with ThinkProgress.