Media Giant Pulls Ads For Abortion Clinic, Claiming They Violate ‘Decency Standards’

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South Wind Women's Center (Credit: Wichita Eagle/Mike Hutmacher)

Media giant Clear Channel is refusing to air radio ads for a Wichita-area abortion clinic. The new South Wind Women’s Center re-opened in April four years after the facility’s original owner, Dr. George Tiller, was assassinated by an anti-abortion activist. Clear Channel claims the offending radio ads are “indecent,” but the source of the indecency is unclear from the commercials’ content.

The two allegedly offending advertisements are available here and here. Via Jezebel, here’s the full text of one ad:

South Wind Women’s Center was founded to reestablish full access to reproductive healthcare. The center provides high-quality medical care and trusts women to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. South Wind Women’s Center: entrusting women with their own medical decision-making.

The other commercial isn’t too different. It emphasizes that South Wind’s physicians are board-certified in family medicine or obstetrics and “have over 50 years of experience and dedication.” There are no mentions of abortion, contraception, or sex.

This isn’t the first time that Clear Channel has invited controversy by pushing out advertisers and selectively blocking content. The conglomerate rejected an anti-war ad from playing in Utah days before President George W. Bush visited the region but gave the firebrand conservative Ted Nugent air time to explain controversial comments he made about President Barack Obama.

The company has also lobbied the FCC to enforce stricter “decency standards” on satellite radio.

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