As The World Watches Weiner, A Mayor With More Serious Sexual Issues Goes Unscrutinized


(Credit: AP)

Bob Filner (Credit: AP)

A Democratic politician is in deep trouble over his sexual improprieties — and his name isn’t Anthony Weiner.

On Wednesday, yet another woman came forward with her emotional story of being sexually harassed by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D). Despite admitting to having harassed female coworkers and constituents, Filner is refusing to resign.

Last week, two other women came forward with their stories: Filner had told one woman that she would work better “without your panties on,” and had “rammed his tongue down [the] throat” of another woman. If the latter allegation is true, Filner’s behavior would cross the line from harassment to assault.

Ironically, Filner was slated to receive an award for his work on sexual assault prevention in the military next month.

The organization hosting the event originally said that it would allow Filner to remain on the lineup of speakers — though not to be an award recipient — after the first allegations emerged. After Wednesday’s revelations, however, the group reversed its decision and booted Filner from the lineup. He will still be invited to attend the event.

Though the accusations surrounding Filner are much more serious than those of disgraced former Congressman and current mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, the media has remained relatively silent about Filner’s story while obsessing over Weiner’s.