Bob Filner’s Latest Alleged Victim Is A City Employee And A Great-Grandmother


(Credit: AP)

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D)

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D)

CREDIT: Bill Wechter/Getty Images

Yet another woman has come forward to accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) of sexual harassment. The latest in the parade of Filner’s alleged victims is a San Diego employee and a great-grandmother, 10News reports.

The woman will hold a news conference Thursday afternoon with high-profile civil rights attorney Gloria Allred. She is the 15th to step forward with accusations against Filner, who admitted last month to sexually harassing numerous women and pledged to undergo counseling.

Among the women Filner is accused of harassing are victims of military sexual assault, for whom he had previously been a strong advocate during his 20 years in Congress.

Despite a recall campaign against him and the wishes of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and the local Democratic Party, Filner has refused to step down, instead taking an extended leave to undergo therapy. But while he is still allowed in city hall, some private establishments are taking matters into their own hands: Hooters posted signs in San Diego-area restaurants this week saying Filner would not be served there.

Joseph Diebold is an intern with ThinkProgress.