Texas Attorney General Thanks A Supporter Who Called Wendy Davis A ‘Retard Barbie’


Texas Sen. Wendy Davis (D)

wendy davisOn Sunday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) responded “thanks” to a supporter who called state Rep. Wendy Davis (D) a “retard Barbie” and an “idiot” in a tweet. Facing criticism, Abbott has since attempted to backtrack on his tweet. But he hasn’t apologized for it, either.

The Dallas Democrats captured a screenshot of the original exchange between Abbott and the supporter:


Abbott followed up on the incident by tweeting, “FYI: I thank supporters on Twitter, but I don’t endorse anyone’s offensive language. Stay positive.” According to Texas Tribune editor Emily Ramshaw, his office also claims that he never read the full text of the 140-character tweet.

Davis, who gained fame for her epic 13-hour filibuster to block one of the nation’s most severe anti-abortion bills, has been attacked by opponents who have resorted to some sexist name-calling. She’s been called an “abortion Barbie” and even a terrorist. Abbott could also be taking notes from Texas Governor Rick Perry (R), who once personally attacked Davis for being a single mother.

Abbott hopes to be Rick Perry’s successor — which would likely pit him against Davis, who may enter the gubernatorial race. His record on women’s health rivals even Perry’s, having sued the Department of Health and Human Services over contraception access, abortion reimbursements, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicare.