Huckabee’s Alternative To Obamacare: The GOP Should Cure Cancer


Mike Huckabee


Former-Arkansas-governor-turned-Fox-News-host Mike Huckabee is so fed up with hearing President Obama claim that the Republicans have made preventing people “from getting health care their holy grail,” he is calling on the GOP to adopt an innovative solution to solving the nation’s health care crisis: cure cancer!

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Monday, Huckabee said the GOP should advocate for a government-funded Manhattan-style project to “focus on a cure [for disease] rather than just focus on a treatment.” “We said in 1961 we were going to put a man on the moon and in a decade we did it. We said we were going to cure Polio and we did it in the 50s. We said we were going to build an atom bomb in the 40s and we did it. Where is that kinds of focus, funding and fixing it?” he asked.

The national commitment to curing diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and diabetes “has to be largely government funded because the government is the only entity that doesn’t have to have a return on investment,” he explained. “You put it in the hands of the private sector… [that] doesn’t make sense because there is no money long-term if you cure the disease.” Watch it:

The National Institutes of Health — the government organization that Huckabee has tasked with developing cures — spends approximately $30.9 “billion annually in medical research,” investing millions in developing cures to diseases that are straining the health care system. Last year, the Obama administration even launched the National Alzheimer’s Plan, “with the goal of finding effective ways to prevent and treat the devastating effects of dementia by 2025.”

Since sequestration went into effect, however, the NIH has slashed $1.7 billion from its budget and may have to cut more than 1,000 research grants by the end of September if lawmakers fail to undo the automatic budget cuts.

Huckabee called for a renewed federal commitment, arguing that only “the government has a vested interest [in curing disease] because it will bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid.”