Congressman Agrees Obama Is Killing Veterans, Suggests Obamacare Enrollees Will Be Next


Rep. John Fleming (R-LA)

A Republican congressman agreed on Monday that President Barack Obama is “killing veterans” for political expediency during a radio interview on News Radio 710 KEEL and suggested that Obama would apply the same politically motivated rationing tactics to individuals and families enrolled in coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

Discussing the growing controversy over the deaths of at least 40 veterans, who died waiting for care, Fleming suggested that “this is the type of thing you would see with Obamacare, a centralized system, when you have the president making all of the decisions.”

CALLER: I’m a veteran and that’s just unbelievable. [Obama] has just pillaged veterans, and the veterans some of them are standing up saying, ‘I like the guy.’ But he is killing them. He is killing them, he doesn’t even know it.

FLEMING: Well again that’s true. That’s the reason why our founding fathers created a government that was a tripartite one in which there are checks and balances. But right now it’s not functioning that way. You just have a president that goes out willy nilly ad-libing it all the time, doing things to really appeal to his base, for political purposes and all of these unintended consequences all of these people who are being injured and damaged as a result of it, this is real lives that are being hurt by this president who’s main interest is just to promote his agenda and his political aims. […]

HOST: We were just running a news thing of people being upset at the veterans, I guess there have been a rash of people dying. They feel like they’re not getting the care they need. That’s why you mentioned earlier, this could be the new system.

FLEMING: This is the type of thing you would see from Obamacare, a centralized system that when you have the president making all of the decisions, whose motivations may not be necessarily the best at all times.


The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that it will conduct a “face to face” audit of all VA clinics to investigate the matter and prevent further deaths, though several lawmakers have called for Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation. For his part, Fleming did not specify the similarities between this scandal and the health care law or explain which provisions would allow a president to make medical decisions on behalf of patients enrolled in the Affordable Care Act. His office did not immediately return a request for comment.