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Passengers Ridicule Canadian Airline For Sexist Ticket Policy


The Canadian airline Air Canada has come under fire for prohibiting married couples with different last names from transferring travel vouchers to each other. The spat began on Monday, after an airline representative told Chris Turner, an author, that he could not transfer a travel voucher to his wife because she did not share his last name and would instead have to pay for her ticket in full and submit for a reimbursement. That’s when Turner went public, blasting the company on Twitter:

Air Canada claimed the policy was designed to prevent fraud, though a customer service representative told Turner that “a policy change was requested by employees as well,” some of whom “thought it was ridiculous.” As Turner also pointed out on Twitter, “data systems in every other facet of our lives overcome this hurdle. e.g. I’ll be charging flight to a JOINT credit card.” Indeed, other prominent Canadian and American airlines, including West Jet, United, and U.S. Airways, allow passengers to transfer vouchers to individuals of their choosing.

Turner’s wife, @Hilksom on Twitter, responded to the airline this way: “@AirCanada @theturner Sooooo… Turner can transfer the voucher to our NEIGHBOUR Kelly who has the same last name, but not his WIFE. Gotcha.”