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Pittsburgh-Area Mass Shooting Leaves 5 Dead, 3 Injured

CREDIT: AP Photo/Michael Henninger

Investigators at the scene of Wednesday's mass shooting in Wilkinsburg.

A Wednesday night mass shooting in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania left five dead and three wounded. Police say nobody was in custody as of Thursday morning.

According to a statement released by Allegheny County investigators, just before 11 p.m., police were dispatched to a home on the 1300 block of Franklin Avenue in response to a shooting. There, they found eight people either killed or injured from gunshot wounds.

Investigators say they believe at least two gunmen were involved. From the Allegheny County statement:

It would appear from early examination of the scene that a backyard party/cookout was being held at the rear of the home. The ballistic evidence on the scene leads police to believe that two different weapons were discharged from two different people. Shots were fired from an alley to the rear of 1304 Franklin Avenue. Partygoers appeared to try to run into the residence at which point a person on the side or backyard adjacent to the residence fired at the back porch. All four of the individuals who died at the scene died on that back porch.

The investigation into what occurred has just begun and is in its preliminary stages. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

A neighbor told a local TV station that the gunshots, which came in two waves, sounded like war.

Data compiled after a February 25 mass shooting in Hesston, Kansas that left four dead showed the pace of mass shootings in 2016 ahead of last year’s. The Wilkinsburg shooting is the 12th mass shooting to take place in the two weeks since Hesston.