Rubio Warns Republicans: If You Don’t Support My Immigration Plan, Obama Will Just Legalize Everyone

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned on Wednesday that President Obama could unilaterally legalize millions of undocumented immigrants if Congress does not pass a bipartisan immigration bill offered by the so-called Gang of 8.

Appearing on the nationally syndicated “The Mark Levin Show” — one of many conservative talk radio interviews the senator is granting to pitch his immigration proposal — Rubio argued that if lawmakers fail to reform the system in the way he has proposed, “bad people” like President Barack Obama will be able to losen immigration laws and undermine America’s border security:

RUBIO: If we don’t do anything, then the status quo remains, which is they won’t do anything. You won’t have E-Verify, you won’t have…. In fact, I think it’s possible that they could give legal status like they did to the DREAM Act qualificators, I mean people who qualified under the DREAM Act — they could do the same thing to millions of people more. What would stop them from doing that? […] There are consequences to electing bad people to office. There are consequences to the fact that Barack Obama won his re-election. There are, there is no denying it. And we are living that every single day and there is no denying it.


Throughout the interview, Rubio stressed that the 13-year legalization process will be long and strenuous, pointing out that undocumented immigrants can’t earn provisional status until the Department of Homeland Security commences a comprehensive border security plan. Immigrants will not be allowed to transition into permanent resident status before DHS implements a mandatory employment verification system and deploys an electronic exit system.

If it fails to achieve its security goals in 5 years — persistent surveillance in high risk sectors of the border and ensure that 90 percent of entries at certain high-risk southwestern border areas are apprehended or deterred — a bipartisan Border Commission of border-state governors will “take over.”