Anti-Immigrant Group Head Mocks Day Laborers: ‘I’m Cheeep!’

The founder of one of the nation’s most hard-line anti-immigrant groups this week compared his role in the ongoing immigration debate to that of an immigrant day laborer.

Roy Beck, who founded the group NumbersUSA, has been doing several radio interviews on how he opposes immigration reform. And he complained to National Journal that the process can be tiring and dehumanizing, just like being a day laborer:

Roy Beck, founder of NumbersUSA, a group that seeks to bring immigration to pre-1965 levels, comes every year. This year, he was making the rounds to 10 radio stations.

“It’s a little bit like being at a day labor site,” he said, describing the event.

“Or like speed dating?” I asked.

“It is like speed dating, that’s true,” he said. “But it is like a day labor site, you’re just there. The little pickup truck drives by. Drives real slowly. And I go, ‘I’m available! I’m cheeep!‘”

NumbersUSA has been responsible for some of the most virulent anti-immigrant tactics, including claiming that Americans’ quality of life was ruined by immigrants. The group has also made concerted efforts to try to drive a wedge between African-Americans and immigrants.