WATCH: Conservative Hispanic Conference Attendees Support LGBT Immigration Equality

MIAMI, Florida — Though the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill working its way through the Senate would be a godsend for the roughly quarter-million undocumented LGBT immigrants in the United States, the bill still treats LGBT people unequally in one critical respect: couples’ immigration. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) currently prevents same-sex couples from “sponsoring” their partner for residency in the United States in the same way that opposite-sex partners can, but the Gang of Eight declined to change this unjust provision in their reform bill.

At the annual Miami conference of the Hispanic Leadership Network, a group for conservative Latinos, ThinkProgress spoke to conference-goers about their views with respect to treating LGBT couples equally in immigration law. Nearly every person we spoke with supported including in the immigration reform package equal protections for LGBT couples. Here’s why: