Head Of Texas Anti-Immigration Group: Politicians Who Support Reform Are ‘An Accessory To Homicide’

Larry Korkmas

Politicians who voted for the original 1986 immigration reform bill are accessories to homicide, according to Larry Korkmas the tea party president of Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement President (TFIRE). During a debate on the Senate immigration reform bill, Korkmas accused government officials of allowing the Boston Marathon bombings to occur because they failed to secure the country after the last “amnesty” bill.

Korkmas made an unsubstantiated correlation between the marathon bombings to the lack of border security, using graphic descriptions of the aftermath to emphasize the seriousness of border enforcement:

I don’t care if it’s on Youtube, I don’t care if you tell whoever. I’ll tell you who I blame as much as I blame the jihadists… I blame the people, who starting right after that last amnesty, did not close this border and did not secure our country. Every politician who has sat in Washington since that day is guilty, as far as I’m concerned, as an accessory to homicide.

Watch now:

On the contrary, halting reform efforts would actually be detrimental to border security. The creation of a tracking system would enforce a biometric exit system that would take the fingerprints and pictures of all outgoing U.S. visitors. As Sens. Graham (R-SC), Durbin (D-IL), and Schumer (D-NY) pointed out, the new biometric system put in place by the immigration bill would have actually caught the suspects in the marathon bombings.

Korkmas’s group, Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement President (TFIRE) has close ties to Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which is funded by the white nationalist group, the John Tanton Network. Tanton also recently helped to mobilize other immigration-reductionist groups aimed at marginalizing Hispanics.