Author Of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law: Immigration Rally Shows The ‘Reason We Have The Second Amendment’

Over the weekend, a group of immigration reform supporters held a rally in front of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s home. It is in situations like this that make him grateful he has guns on his property, Kobach later told Fox News’ Todd Starnes.

Kobach told Fox that the “mob” of “illegal aliens” could have easily gotten out of hand, putting his family in “grave danger.”

“If we had been in the home and not been armed, I would have felt very afraid – because it took the police 15 minutes to show up,” he said. “It’s important we recognize there’s a reason we have the Second Amendment. There are situations like this where you have a mob and you do need to be able to protect yourself.”

Kobach and his family were out of town that day, but said “The Second Amendment is the private property owner’s last resort.” As the architect behind unpopular state immigration laws like SB 1070 in Arizona and HB 56 in Alabama, Kobach is a central critic of a path to citizenship and, therefore, an unsurprising target for peaceful protests.

According to a statement from the protest organizers at Sunflower Community Action, “Nowhere is safe from [Kris Kobach’s] vicious policies of racial profiling and home raids, and our peaceful protests outside his home have now even led to violent physical threats.”

Kobach, who has asked local police to investigate, echoed Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) remarks from last week when King cast a DREAMer sit-in as, “Illegal aliens have just invaded my DC office.”

The Fox Nation write-up of the rally followed Kobach’s lead with a headline that read, “Angry Illegal Immigrant Mob Storms Kris Kobach’s Home.”

But video from the protest itself is less inflammatory. A clip shows a couple dozen people chanting in Spanish outside the home, where they left behind pairs of shoes to represent people who have been deported.