ACLU Releases Mobile App For Immigrants To Report Abuses

(Credit: ACLU Arizona)

Reporting immigration abuses by Arizona law enforcement is now as simple as downloading an app. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Arizona unveiled a bilingual mobile app on Tuesday that allows people to report abuses suffered under the Arizona’s SB1070, an immigration law that some advocates have deemed as permission for law enforcement to racially profile and to detain Latinos.

The app features a call button, as well as a form, that puts users in touch with the ACLU Arizona chapter for individuals to document and submit abuses. The app also includes basic guidance for individuals who are stopped in their car, on the street, at home, or are arrested. Drivers are advised that they can be arrested for driving without a license and that it is “best not to show documents from another country” but also “if you have a valid license or immigration document, show it.” It also advises that passengers do not need to have identification.

The creation of the app follows last year’s ACLU community outreach hotline, which fielded over 6,000 calls, to document abuses after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld some of the most stringent sections of the SB1070 law. Undocumented immigrants had their worst fears realized when Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio called on his law enforcement to indiscriminately use race to detain immigrants. A U.S. district judge filed a lawsuit against him, charging that immigrants were unfairly detained for prolonged periods.

Another advocacy group recently came out with an immigration-relevant texting game that allows users to “be undocumented for a day” by choosing the routes they would take to get to school and how they would react if stopped by the police.