Iowa County GOP Chairman Leaves Party, Citing ‘Hateful’ Immigration Rhetoric


steve_king_tpftdThe GOP’s extreme positions, particularly on comprehensive immigration reform, have led the co-chairman of the Polk County Republican party in Iowa to resign his position and register as an independent. Chad Brown told the Des Moines Register that Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) unrelenting offensive comments about immigrants, including calling young immigrants drug mules, led him to leave his post.

“No one’s really stood out to really fight him on those. I think they’re hateful statements,” he said. King made national news with his comment that illegal immigrants were more likely to be drug traffickers “with calves the size of cantaloupes” than valedictorians.

In his resignation letter, Brown admitted he sees the GOP heading in the wrong direction. “It’s my opinion that rather than fix the problems that led to such a massive 2012 defeat, the GOP does not seem to seriously want to fix the issues. I think helping a dysfunctional Party that does not want to address its problems is enabling.”

Brown also said he disagrees with the GOP’s position on gun violence and climate change denial, which he called a “war on science and common sense.”

King’s campaign against immigration has clashed with religious leaders and conservatives. While House Republicans have distanced themselves from his latest comments, they voted as recently as June for King’s amendment to resume deportations of DREAMers.

Iowa stands to benefit economically from passing immigration reform, which could create 900 new jobs in the state. In fact, even 65 percent of King’s constituents support a path to citizenship.