VIDEO: Tea Partier Explains Why Some Republicans Get Immigration All Wrong




BASTROP, Texas — Charles Matejic, a long-time Tea Partier, is fed up.

Yes, he thinks taxes are too high in the United States and we need to slash the federal budget.

But what’s irking him at the moment is how Republicans are abandoning their principles when it comes to immigration reform.

Matejic spoke out in a town hall hosted by Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) on August 10, telling the Texas congressman that spending billions more to “secure the border” with Mexico was not only fiscally silly, it was also completely impractical. The comprehensive immigration reform package that passed the Senate included a provision to hire 20,000 new border agents at many Republicans’ behest.

ThinkProgress spoke with Matejic after the event and he explained why, unlike most Republicans in Congress, conservatives should support immigration reform and should oppose militarizing the border.

Watch it:

Even if Matejic’s words fall on deaf ears among the most congressional Republicans, a strong majority of Republican primary voters support the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill. In addition, 23 House Republicans have announced their support for a pathway to citizenship to be included in the immigration bill, enough to secure approval if paired with the 201 House Democrats, and if House leadership allowed a bill with a citizenship provision to come to a vote.