Lawmakers In 23 States Introduced Secret Lobbying Group ALEC’s Anti-Immigrant Bill




Conservative association American Legislative Exchange Council’s model anti-immigration legislation was the most commonly adopted by state lawmakers last year, according to a new analysis of ALEC’s model legislation introduced in 34 states for the 2011-2012 session.

Using model legislation posted by ALEC Exposed, Molly Jackman of the Brookings Institution found bills that incorporated language from the ALEC model. ALEC’s “No Sanctuary Cities for Illegal Immigrants Act,” was the single most popular bill, introduced in 23 states.


CREDIT: Brookings

Hydraulic fracturing and gun expansion bills followed at second and third, introduced in nine.

Of the immigration bills introduced, only Alabama passed it. Like Arizona’s draconian immigration law SB 1070, also written by ALEC, the bill turns local law enforcement into immigration agents and encourages racial profiling (much of Arizona’s law was struck down by the Supreme Court ). Known as HB 56 in Alabama, immigration advocates dealt a final blow this fall in a legal settlement that prevents the vast racial profiling encouraged in the law. Its worst provisions required law enforcement officers to check immigration papers at traffic stops, and another made it illegal for documented residents or citizens to have a business interaction with undocumented ones.

And far from accomplishing ALEC’s intended goal of making immigrants’ lives so difficult that they leave, research shows tough immigration enforcement has failed to drive immigrants out of the country.

Recently leaked ALEC internal documents show how the organization is losing stature after backlash against its controversial social and economic agenda caused many prominent corporate members to withdraw support.