Anti-Immigrant Colorado Candidate Who Vowed Never To Air Spanish Ad Airs A Spanish Ad

CREDIT: AP/ Jack Dempsey

An extreme nativist politician who once proposed cutting off legal immigration permanently and vowed that he would never release ads in the Spanish language has come out with Spanish radio ads targeting Hispanic voters in Colorado. The newest radio ad by anti-immigration gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo indicates that he supports Hispanic values and legal immigration.

The Spanish ad tells listeners that Tancredo will fight for immigrants “who follow the law and work hard” and that undocumented immigration promotes poverty. The ad also states that as the grandson of an immigrant, Tancredo understands the issues and values that are important to the Hispanic community:

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared the “War on Poverty” in the United States. But poverty has not disappeared and hardworking families keep on fighting, especially in the Hispanic community because our broken immigration system promotes poverty, rewarding law breakers instead of helping immigrant families that follow the law. Tom Tancredo will fight for our families.

Tom Tancredo, grandson of an immigrant, understands the issues and values of importance for our Hispanic community. The pro-amnesty extremist groups from both sides fear Tom and will try to fool our community for their personal gain. But the movement of Hispanic citizens called Viva Tancredo is dedicated to telling the truth so that people know that Tom Tancredo is the only candidate for governor that will fight for the rights of immigrants that follow the law and work hard. Visit the webpage or visit our office in Pueblo, Colorado. Paid for by Tancredo for Governor 2014.

Listen to it.

It may be difficult for Tancredo to win over Hispanic voters given his inflammatory language in the past. In 2008, Tancredo called for making America an English-only country because “bilingual countries don’t work, and we should not encourage it.” In 2010, Tancredo falsely claimed that the President would not “enforce security on our southern border,” despite the Obama administration spending close to $11.8 billion on border enforcement. In March 2013, Tancredo argued for self-deportation and in the same breath, said that Hispanics weren’t “natural” Republicans in part because they “are twice as likely as whites to have abortions.” Tancredo has at other times, made xenophobic comments in the past.

Center for American Progress intern Evelyn Galvan contributed to this post.