Steve King: ‘Every Time We Let An Immigrant In, We’ll Deport A Leftist’

CREDIT: AP Photo/Justin Hayworth

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is willing to make an “accommodation” to let immigrants into the country if “Leftists” are deported instead. King made the comment, in jest, during a speech at the South Carolina Freedom Summit Saturday.

Immigration is really… there’s a way I can make an accommodation. I did this in a debate once when my opponents challenged me. And I just said, “Well I’m for open borders” and that did get their attention. I said, ‘well sure, every time we let an immigrant in, we’ll deport a Leftist,’ I’ll make that deal all day long.

Watch it.

During the summit, King also said that people have accused him of “being anti-immigrant,” but responded, “you can find no statement that I ever made that would support that allegation, but they’re conflating legal and illegal immigrants together to try and get you to not be able to think straight.”

King has not shied away from making controversial statements about immigrants in the past. In 2013, King refused to back down from his claim that undocumented immigrants have “cantaloupe calves,” telling radio personality Laura Ingraham that he personally caught immigrants “with my hands” who fit that description. King also said that undocumented youths who want to serve in the U.S. military are “mercenaries” who are “defrauding the Department of Defense.” In the past, he argued against passing immigration reform because people from a “violent civilization” would create a more violent environment for individuals living in a “less-violent civilization.” He has also compared undocumented immigrants to a variety of animals and drug mules.

Meanwhile, King has compared himself to Jesus.