Video Shows Immigration Protester Dragged Across The Ground And Kicked At Trump Rally

CREDIT: Screenshot

Video captured by a local TV reporter in Miami shows a man who disagrees with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration policies being violently ejected from a Trump campaign event. In the video, an unidentified white man wearing a red polo shirt is seen pulling another man identified as a protester by the back of his shirt. When the protester falls to the ground, the man in the polo shirt then drags him along the floor towards the room’s exit. Towards the end of the video, the polo-shirted man appears to kick the protester while the protester is still lying on the ground.

As this protester is being dragged out of the room, the crowd around him loudly chants “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Protesters made their way into the #DonaldTrump campaign rally tonight in Miami. NBC 6 reporter Steve Litz caught one protester being removed on camera.

Posted by NBC 6 South Florida on Friday, October 23, 2015

The Trump campaign previously barred the Spanish-language station Univision from covering its event in Florida.

Trump was reportedly interrupted several times by protesters during his appearance at the Trump National Doral Miami resort. At one point, he appeared to endorse the use of violent tactics against these protesters. “See the first group, I was nice. Oh, take your time,” Trump said of the protesters. “The second group, I was pretty nice. The third group, I’ll be a little more violent. And the fourth group, I’ll say get the hell out of here!”