Imus In The Morning, 3/31/06

IMUS: She’d have made a bigger dent had she hit the ground because, than she ordinarily would have, because she put on 20 pounds.

MCCORD: Put on 20 pounds while in captivity, yeah.

MCGUIRK: And why do we suspect?

IMUS: Well, why do you suspect?

MCGUIRK: She’s carrying Zarqawi’s baby. No doubt about it.

IMUS: Man, you are a such a, you’re a…

MCGUIRK: Did you hear her comments yesterday? She’s wearing the terrorist headgear, and everything points to that.

IMUS: Well, we don’t know. That initial interview — she was taken directly from captivity to that location to conduct an interview with an Arab broadcasting outlet. I think she probably was circumspect in what she was saying, don’t you think Charles?

MCCORD: Well, it is well known that her sympathies lie with the Arab community, not only in Iraq, by the way, but across the region, as pointed out by the Jordan Times in a couple of editorials who had called for her release, saying that they were “silencing a pro-Iraqi voice and harming the Arab and Iraqi cause.” The Jordan Times wrote, “She is more critical of U.S. policies than many Arabs.”

IMUS: Are we suggesting she’s in lock-step with the terrorists?

MCGUIRK: Something smells.

MCCORD: No, not in lock-step with the terrorists, but she certainly is in lock-step with Arab causes.

IMUS: Well, probably not her, because one of the things she said they did was let her take showers all the time, so.

MCCORD: The Times writing, “She doesn’t just like Arab culture, she loves it. Jill makes one of the best ambassadors Arabs could ever hope for.” That during the time of her captivity when they were editorializing there in Amman, Jordan for her release.

IMUS: Ixnay on making her ambassador and how about whipping up a falafel, huh? …

MCGUIRK: You don’t get that on Meet the Press.

DON: You don’t.

IMUS: Fourteen after the hour.

MCCORD: Apparently according to Baghdad’s New Sabba news, “She loves Iraq and went by the name while in Iraq, not of Jill, but rather Zanaib.”

MCGUIRK: She’s Taliban Janie, this girl. Taliban Jill or whatever.

IMUS: That’s a little strong don’t you think.?

MCGUIRK: I don’t think so.


MCGUIRK: Well except for the fact that she seems overly sympathetic. There’s something wrong. Something stinks.

MCCORD: Well, that was her position.

MCGUIRK: Again she’s wearing the terrorist headgear. She’s saying nice things about them.

IMUS: It’s not terrorist headgear, you moron.

MCGUIRK: It’s just traditional Arab garb, I would say.

IMUS: Thank you, Charles.

MCGUIRK: And I’m alleging she’s carrying Zarqawi’s baby.

MCCORD: That’s awful.

IMUS: You’re an insane criminal.

MCGUIRK: Well, let’s do the test.

IMUS: Go ahead Charles.

MCCORD: Just because she went…

IMUS: Do what test?

MCGUIRK: The pregnancy test, and then DNA. I’m sure we have DNA of this creep.

MCCORD: Just because she goes by the name Zanaib, rather than Jill while she’s there working there in Iraq, and favors the traditional garb and the traditional clothing, I mean that’s fine.

IMUS: Oh my God.

MCGUIRK: Taliban Jillie.

IMUS: This is insane. What is wrong with you two?

MCCORD: She’s been described as one of the best ambassadors Arabs could ever hope for by the papers in Jordan, for whom she worked for awhile. She worked at the Jordan Times.

IMUS: At least she’s not a priest Bernie, glomming onto little kids.

MCGUIRK: That was a cheap shot.

IMUS: Yeah, it was.

MCGUIRK: But you’re right.