So You Want To Be A ThinkProgress Intern…

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ThinkProgress features a dedicated staff of writers, but we also provide the opportunity for aspiring researchers and reporters to join the team throughout the year for a season as an intern. Our interns have the opportunity to write for the site, contribute to our social media team, and support the research we do behind the scenes. All internships at the Center for American Progress Action Fund include a monetary stipend and transportation subsidy, but we do expect you to work with us here in Washington, DC.

Click here for information about applying for an internship! Applications for Summer 2014 should be submitted by February 16, 2014. If you have specific questions about the ThinkProgress internship experience, please contact Zack Ford or Rebecca Leber.

Internship Responsibilities: is one of the web’s top progressive blogs, with original and continual research on the day’s hottest news. Interns assigned to assist the research team will be asked to do extensive researching, writing, editing, fact-checking, monitoring of news stories, blogging on Think Progress, contributing to social media, and other tasks as assigned. Our team looks for interns with strong research and writing skills. Other duties include conducting targeted research and reporting on policy meetings, seminars, hearings, and lectures. Whenever possible, interns are encouraged to write on the subject of their choice either as a contributor to a larger final piece or as an individual author of a column for our website.

What Recent Interns Have To Say:

Kumar Ramanathan

Kumar Ramanathan

Kumar Ramanathan (Summer 2013)

“My ThinkProgress internship was an exhilarating and powerful experience. The team really treats you as one of their own, giving you the opportunity to pitch and write stories for any section. The hands-on work improved my writing drastically and helped me develop an eye for how to frame stories that I care about in a way that the audience will care about. The writers at TP are incredibly friendly and I was consistently surprised by how willing they were to help develop my pieces and my skills. Plus, TP is just a fun place to be, with an incredibly smart, young, engaged progressive community of a kind that I’d never encountered before. I’m a better writer, a more effective political activist, and a smarter person for having worked at TP for two months.”

Kirsten Gibson

Kirsten Gibson

Kirsten Gibson (Summer 2013)

“When I came to ThinkProgress, I knew to be ready for a challenge. Sure enough, the staff at ThinkProgress expected the best from us. I was able to write posts almost every day, honing my writing skills and quick thinking. The staff was supportive of any endeavor we wanted to try and they helped us with any questions or problems we had. It truly felt like being part of the team and I am grateful for that. You won’t find a better team of smart progressives to work with.”

Marina Fang

Marina Fang

Marina Fang (Summer 2013)

“Interning at ThinkProgress was a fantastic way to spend my summer and has inspired me to continue pursuing a career at the intersection of politics, journalism, and new media. I loved getting to write my own posts and seeing them spread through social media. Plus, I got to work with amazing fellow interns and an incredibly talented staff of reporters and editors who welcomed me with open arms and really seemed to value the work I did. In short, TP is an exciting and fun place to work, so I would highly suggest the internship to anyone who wants to gain substantial experience working in a fast-paced news environment alongside a fabulous group of people.”

Christopher Butterfield Pic Christopher Butterfield (Fall 2013)

“An internship at ThinkProgress is a dream opportunity for an aspiring political writer. I was given the responsibilities of a full time reporter on Day One, and the privilege to work with dedicated, smart, and sharply funny professionals. Most importantly, I was given the opportunity to publish articles on a wide-range of topics that demanded quick and accurate research in areas I had previously known little about. Interning at ThinkProgress helped me sharpen my writing while learning from some of the best in the business.”