Lt. Choi: Other Openly Gay Soldiers Are Being Called Back To Service During Time Of War

Lt. Dan Choi — the DADT advocate who was discharged from the military after he came out as gay on The Rachel Maddow Show — appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room yesterday to discuss his recent call back to training with the National Guard. “Essentially, my commander says, we’re going to war and we need all of the capable soldiers that we could get to train with us,” Choi explained.

Choi said he knew other gay soldiers who were in the process of being discharged but “had been told by their commanders” to come back for the time being. “I know of some of them that are out there. And there’s a lot of people that are in their units that I — I think they realize, look, we’re in a time of war, we’ve got to have everybody that we can.” Asked if anyone was uncomfortable about his return, Choi responded firmly:

BLITZER: Was anyone hostile or seemingly uncomfortable?

CHOI: Absolutely not. And here’s the thing, when you assume that people would do that, when you assume that people would be uncomfortable and quit, you are insulting soldiers in the most treacherous way. I can’t believe there are people that are saying a soldier would quit. You want to insult a soldier in the worst way, tell him he’s going to quit. Call him a quitter.

Watch it:

Choi emphasized that “there are people that are openly gay in their units right now” but stressed that they are not exceptions to the policy. “I could get fired right after I walk off the set here,” he said.

“I want to send a message to all the senators and the Congress that I’m watching them. And my promise remains — I will hold everyone accountable until we can, as Admiral Mullen said, have an organization and an institution that lives by those values of integrity.”