After Supporting DADT As A Republican, Charlie Crist May Now Support Its Repeal As An Independent

crist-charlieAs a Republican, governor and senatorial candidate Charlie Crist supported the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy, and in February his campaign spokesperson said the governor believed DADT should be kept in place. “We are a nation at war. The governor believes the current policy has worked, and there is no need to make changes,” Crist campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg told the Buzz. But now that Crist is an independent, his staff is not so sure:

When contacted Tuesday, Crist staffers said they did not know where he stood on the issue.  The staffers did not say that the governor had changed his position.

Crist has has maintained a traditionally conservative record on so-called gay issues. He has supported efforts to ban gay marriage in Florida, but has said that civil unions between gays are “fine.” In 2007, however, he asked the Republican party to stop spending money promoting “a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Florida.”

Crist has also endorsed Florida’s ban on adoption by gay parents, telling reporters, “My position is the traditional family is the best to adopt.” Of course, now that he’s an independent, those positions may too become uncertain.