Florida Frontrunner Rick Scott Attacks Opponent For Endorsing ‘Pro-Homosexual Rights Candidate’ Giuliani

Rick Scott, Republican candidate for governor (FL)

Rick Scott, Republican candidate for governor (FL)

Ben Smith is reporting that gubernatorial candidate and anti health care reform crusader Rick Scott is now attacking his Republican opponent, Attorney General Bill McCollum, for endorsing “pro-homosexual rights candidate Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008″:

Rick Scott is running for Florida Governor as a “conservative outsider.”…McCollum endorsed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights candidate Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008 and was a Giuliani campaign leader in Florida.

You can read the entire memo here, but what’s surprising is that Scott doesn’t criticize McCollum for hiring antigay “expert” and Family Research Council co-founder George Rekers to testify in a gay adoption case. McCollum recruited Rekers over the objections of his staff and was later embarrassed after it was revealed that Rekers traveled to Europe with a male “rentboy” and received “erotic messages.” “McCollum had paid Rekers $120,000 in tax payer money to testify in a Miami-Dade case against gay adoption,” which Democrats are now demanding be returned to the state.

Florida has been recognized by eQualityGiving.com for being one of the least gay-friendly states in America and both Scott and McCollum plan to keep it that way. Both candidates support the states’ constitutional prohibition against gay marriage and the ban against gay adoptions.