Justiceline: July 12, 2011

Tenth Circuit Judicial Nominee Steve Six

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  • Reagan-appointed former Chief Judge Deanell Tacha called upon the Senate to confirm former Kansas Attorney General Steve Six to her old seat on the Tenth Circuit. Senate Republicans attacked Six because he refused to lead a witch hunt against Planned Parenthood while he was attorney general.
  • Several Wisconsin women’s groups will rally at the capitol today to call upon Justice David Prosser to step aside until the investigation into his alleged assault of a fellow justice is resolved.
  • The Minnesota Supreme Court will decide whether essential state functions can be kept open during that state’s government shutdown, which has now lasted twelve days.
  • The Supreme Court will hear a leading right-wing law firm’s attempt to undermine the Clean Water Act.
  • Justice John Paul Stevens thinks he may have retired too soon. Stevens is 91.