GOP Gov. Snyder Denounces Anti-Immigrant Laws, Says Michigan Needs More Immigrants

Conservative Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has butted heads with Democrats over many issues since taking office in January. But when it comes to immigration, it seems they may have common ground. Snyder is bucking the trend of GOP governors across the nation signing draconian anti-immigrant legislation modeled on Arizona’s notorious SB1070. Not only did Snyder recently denounce such “divisive” laws, he’s saying his state would welcome more immigrants:

One of the keys that made us successful in the past is going to again be the key to our future, and that’s…immigration,” Snyder told hundreds of people attending the New Michigan Media conference. […]

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. are working together through the Snyder administration’s Global Michigan Initiative to find ways to team graduating immigrants with companies that might be able to help them gain a work visa by saying they’ll hire them. […]

He wants the federal government to deal with the issue and opposes Arizona-style laws that allow police enforcing other laws to question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally.

That’s a divisive situation,” he said, noting he opposes bills already introduced that would bring similar laws to Michigan. “Such negative issues…actually cause more trouble than anything.”

Michigan was particularly hard-hit by the recession and is seeing the health and vitality of the state decline as many people move away. Snyder recognizes that immigration is key to economic growth and an important part of rebuilding cities that have lost much of their population. Detroit, for instance, has lost 26 percent of its population in the past decade.

(HT: Washington Independent)