How Does An Abortion Provider Keep From Getting Shot?

Murdered Doctor George Tiller

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the few remaining doctors who perform late-term abortions in the United States, explains the lengths he has to take to avoid being killed by people who call themselves “pro-life”:

He rarely stays at the same hotel twice. He rolls dice to pick the route he’ll take to work, because “the biggest part of security is not being predictable,” he said. […]

On Sept. 6, 1991, the day Nebraska passed its parental-notification law, his farm burned down. No family members were hurt, but the fire destroyed his house and other buildings, and killed his dog, cat and 17 horses. The next day, Carhart received a letter informing him that the fire was in retaliation for the abortions. Local officials were unable to determine the fire’s cause. […]

Carhart has installed two security cameras outside the clinic. (Last week, a Montgomery County circuit judge allowed him to keep the cameras after the office condo association asked for their removal.) Visitors to his Nebraska clinic have to walk through a metal detector, similar to those in airports; he would like to install one in Germantown.

Significantly, Carhart’s late-term abortion practice is limited to only a narrow group of pregnant women. One hundred percent of the abortions Carhart performed in his Maryland clinic involved fetuses with anomalies, and state laws generally forbid abortions after the point a fetus could survive outside the womb, with exceptions for the life or health of the mother or occasionally when the fetus has “serious genetic defects.”

Nevertheless, Carhart has good reason to fear for his safety. Just two years ago, anti-abortion terrorists murdered Dr. George Tiller for performing many of the same medical procedures that Carhart provides to women.