Texas Law Creates ‘Fast Lane’ For Concealed Gun Holders To Cut The State Capitol’s Security Line

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)’s Lone Star State will enforce about 700 new laws come Thursday, including the legalization of noodling — a method of catching catfish with your hands — of helicopter hog-hunting, and, of course, the hand gun “fast lane” bill. Not only are concealed guns now allowed in the state Capitol, they are also a Texan’s ticket to cut the security line. Adamantly opposed to the Capitol building’s installation of metal detectors last year, Perry supported and signed a bill creating a “fast lane” for concealed gun license holders “so they would not have to remove, or un-conceal, their weapons to enter the state house.” “The last thing I want is for the Texas Capitol to turn into DFW Airport,” Perry reasoned. As expected, many of Texas’s more than 1,400 registered lobbyists have already been using this loophole (now law) to bypass the cumbersome obstacle of public safety.