After Denying A 96-Year-Old A Voter ID, Tennessee Reviewing Photo ID Process

As ThinkProgress reported, 96-year-old Chattanooga resident Dorothy Cooper recently attempted to obtain the necessary ID to comply with Tennessee’s unnecessarily extreme voter ID law. However, she was denied her ID because she didn’t have her marriage certificate. Smarting from the widespread backlash, Tennessee Safety Department is now making it easier to obtain the necessary IDs. Starting in November, the state “will open driver service centers in 15 counties on the first day of the month to make it easier for an estimated 126,000 Tennesseans with nonphoto driver’s licenses to add a photo” at no charge. Officials also emphasized that expired IDs will be accepted. However, college-issued student IDs will still not be accepted. “In terms of other individuals who may be in [Cooper’s] situation again, we’re encouraging our employees to use some common-sense discretion in deciding whether or not that person is presenting documentation that is legitimate and issue the photo ID accordingly,” said state Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons.