Herman Cain: ‘The Government Shouldn’t Be Trying To Tell People Everything To Do’ With Social Issues Like Abortion

Last week, GOP presidential front runner Herman Cain ran himself in circles over the fairly basic question: “Should abortion be legal?” Insisting that abortion should not be legal “under any circumstance,” while insisting that what a woman does with her body is “her choice. That’s not government choice.” Given a week to get it straight, Cain is still confused. Last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan tonight, Cain again said “under no circumstances” does he support abortion. But when pressed on the rape or incest exception, he changed his mind: “It’s not the government’s role, or anybody else’s role, to make that decision…it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. Not me as president.” He said as president, he could still hold this opinion without “it being a directive to the nation.” Watch it: