Under Gov. Walker’s Proposal, Guns Will Be Allowed In The State Capitol But Cameras Are Forbidden

Under direction from Gov. Scott Walker (R), Wisconsin’s GOP-led legislature is drawing up rules to allow the public to carry guns into the state Capitol. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, the Assembly plans to allow guns onto the Assembly floor and into the viewing galleries and are meeting today to set the rules. Those toting guns into the galleries would still have to follow existing rules, “including one that bars the use of still cameras and video cameras.” Walker is allowed to issue these rules after he signed a law “making Wisconsin the 49th state to allow people to carry concealed weapons,” a law that takes effect next Tuesday. State Republicans are more than open to the new rules: “People who carry concealed can come in my office, I don’t care,” said state Rep. Robin Vos (R). But Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D) offered a more sober view: “I don’t think there should be weapons in the Capitol,” he said. “There’s children who come in the building, for Pete’s sake.”