Radical Sheriff Arpaio Has Secret Birther Plan To Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot

The birther movement, thought dead by multiple debunkings and the release of President Obama’s actual birth certificate, was thrust back into the national spotlight this week when Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), a former frontrunner in the race for the GOP’s presidential nomination, called birtherism “a good issue to keep alive” and claimed he wasn’t sure where Obama was born. Perry later dismissed his flirtation with birtherism as a distraction, but inside the movement, there are still those who refuse to give up in their futile quest to prove that the president was born anywhere other than the United States.

This week, birther queen Orly Taitz joined radical Arizona immigration sheriff Joe Arpaio — who is conducting his own investigation into Obama’s birthplace — at a Tea Party town hall in Arizona, where she sought to provide Arpaio with further evidence to bolster his case. Arpaio, however, surprised the crowd by telling Taitz that he has evidence even she doesn’t have. And though he can’t tell her, or anyone else, what it is, he promises it will surprise even the harshest critics of the birtherism movement:

TAITZ: Sheriff Arpaio, all I’m asking you, all you need to do, if you please forward this officially to your governor, to your secretary of state, so they can see this before they allow him to go on the ballot in 2012. (applause) […] Sheriff Arpaio, the whole country depends on you. (applause)

ARPAIO: Thanks for your info. We’re looking at this very closely. I can’t tell you everything, but there could a shock somewhere my guys came up with, and we’ll see how that — again, I can’t talk too much about it. […] I gotta be careful sometimes, because it’s very complex.

Watch it:

Another kingpin of the birther movement, real estate tycoon and former potential presidential candidate Donald Trump, is trying to keep the birther movement alive as well, saying Perry’s reigniting the birther flame was a “positive thing.”