Citizens United Will Spend Six Figures For Ads To Support Ohio’s Senate Bill 5

This coming Tuesday, Ohioans will go to the polls to decide Issue 2, a referendum on GOP Gov. John Kasich’s anti-workers’ rights bill Senate Bill 5. The bill is deeply unpopular, stripping the collective bargaining rights from teachers, police, and firefighters, and is expected to fail. In an effort to help a struggling Kasich, Citizens United — the right-wing group known for winning a Supreme Court ruling that allows unlimited campaign spending by corporations — is “blasting six-figures worth of advertisements throughout Ohio” in support of Issue 2. One 30-second ad that costs $100,000 features pictures of school children while a “cheery voice” that says the bill allows schools to “replace” bad teachers, adding, “We parents and educators deserve the right to run our own schools.” We Are Ohio, the campaign against Senate bill 5, called the ads “a desperate attempt by another shadowy out-of-state group that refuses to disclose the source of its money.”