Justiceline: Election Day, 2011

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  • Today is election day. Go vote.
  • Maine voters will decide whether to overrule several recent changes to the state’s election law that the state GOP enacted to make it harder to vote. The polls show supporters of democracy with a narrow lead on this initiative
  • Mississippi voters will decide upon a radical “personhood” amendment that purports to ban all abortions and could also ban many forms of contraception. Polls show supporters of the amendment leading with the narrowest of margins.
  • Ohioians will vote on whether to overrule S.B. 5, Gov. John Kasich’s (R) radical assault on workers’ right to organize.
  • It’s still election day. Why haven’t you voted yet?
  • An Elon University poll shows that 57 percent of North Carolinians oppose amending the state’s constitution to write anti-gay discrimination into that document.
  • The House GOP will renew its effort to rewrite the Constitution to impose their fiscal policy preferences upon the nation permanently next week.
  • A federal judge blocked new cigarette labels which graphically illustrate the potential consequences of smoking.
  • Go vote!
  • Medical marijuana supporters will rally in Sacremento to protest a recent DOJ crackdown on several clinics accused of being de facto pot dealerships.
  • Justice Ginsburg insists that she is “not all that old.”
  • If you’ve read this far, it should mean that you’ve already voted.
  • Don’t forget to vote.