New Hampshire GOP Rep Wants Guns On Campus Because ‘Gun Free Zones Become Killing Zones’

Republican lawmakers across states are steadily pushing for more guns in public places — parks, stadiums, government buildings, churches, day-care centers, and bars. The latest push, however, seems to be for guns on college campuses.

Currently, Utah is the only state which prevents colleges from banning guns on campus. However, New Hampshire Republicans are hoping to make their state the next with a bill that gives the GOP-led legislature the power to govern firearm regulation on all private and public entities. Doing so would prevent colleges from instituting any ban on guns without the legislature’s agreement.

The president of New Hampshire Great Bay Community College asked lawmakers to at least allow the community college system and the University of New Hampshire to set their own gun policies, noting how the New Hampshire police “emphasized the dangers of eliminating current restrictions” when “judgment and behaviors are still being developed and tested.”

Rather than heed their request, the Huffington Post reports that GOP state Rep. Mark Proulx just lectured the colleges. “For people that are supposed to be so smart, you never learn from history,” he wrote in an email. “Gun free zones become killing zones”:

“For people that are supposed to be so smart, you never learn from history,” Proulx wrote from his state email account. “The history lesson you should have learned is that gun free zones become killing zones. These killing zones are the places that crazy people who are looking to make a name for themselves go.”

Proulx continued, saying he believes that allowing guns on campus would stop violent incidents.

“Not to mention when these incidents happen there were people there that could have stopped the killing early on but could not,” he wrote. “They could not because they were following some ridiculous law or rule that would not allow them to carry the weapon they wear every day.”

Proulx, a first-term Republican and former Nashua fire lieutenant, said he would be supporting the bill to prevent the creation of “another killing zone.”

The victims of the fatal shootings at Virginia Tech, University of Texas, University of Arizona, University of Arkansas, and San Deigo State, to name a few, apparently play no role in the history lesson Proulx espouses.