Mississippi Republicans Only Narrowly Support Interracial Marriage

According to a recent Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey, 52 percent of Republicans in Mississippi say they think interracial marriage should be legal in the state — but at least it’s progress. In an April poll from PPP, only 40 percent said it should be legal and 46 percent said it should be illegal. Overall, PPP’s latest survey shows that 60 percent of Mississippians think interracial marriage should be legal, and 23 percent think it should be illegal. An overwhelming majority of the state still opposes same-sex marriage, with 78 percent of those polled saying it should be illegal. PPP also asked Mississippians polled how they would vote in a hypothetical match-up between Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln, and according to their results, Lincoln would win but not by much among Republicans and independents in the state. Lincoln would win 45-36 among Republicans, and both are tied at 44 percent among independents.